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2020 recap and 2021 plans!

First of all i want to wish you all the best for 2021 and stay safe! Let’s hope this year gets better than the awfull 2020!

In this small blog post i am going to recap this year. What has happend and what did i build!

This year started in a new home for us (my wife and me) so most of the time was dedicated to get the house ready, make plans, decorate etc. But also getting the hobby space set up! We eventually got a place to paint (kitchen table haha) and a place for the paintbooth. This made it possible for us to start airbrushing and spraypaining again. I had to test this immediately which led to this: Honda S2000!

At that time i already had this domain for several years so i started planning to build this site for real. COVID-19 made us work from home so i got more time to plan, figure things out and launch this site! Summertime was relaxing so not much time was spend on building (more on the BBQ and enjoying the sun in our new garden!)

After the summer three builds where finished rather quickly. First there was the build for my wife. She is a grease fan 😉

After that i started a rebuild of the Subaru WRC Monte Carlo 05 which i haven’t done very good the first time:

I finished this year with a fun build: The McLaren MP4/8 in 2017 style. Not the best build (paintjob had to be done 2 times. Second time not much better but ok on the photo’s ;)) but very fun!

At the building table is a Tamiya Honda RA272 in 1/20th scale at the moment. Almost done but the clearcoat prevented it for me to finish it in 2020. So you all have to wait a little to see the end result of that kit.

2020 was also the year of making financial plans. Bigger home, higher costs so what to do? A challenge! No more new plastic this year and quality over quantity. So i went all out sort of in december 2020 to make some last purchases and bought a couple of grade up kits for the nicest kit i have in stash. These might pop up in 2021 when i will (hopefully) start some unboxings and kit reviews!

So there we are: 2021 What to do with my hobby and this site? Well, first of all i will continue buiding kits duh! But i also want to expand this site a little. This will stay a hobby of mine so don’t think this is going to be a high end build log site with dozens of high end review video’s etc 😉 But here are the plans:

  • Starting to implement Warhammer News
  • Starting with unboxings
  • Maybe even do some video unboxings
  • More builds with more photo’s of the build log
  • Tutorials (video of blog type, not sure yet)
  • Expanding social media use (and followers! ;))

Although tutorials are all around the web i haven’t found many places were they are collected so maybe that’s a goal. To start with i will do some tutorials on topics i used my self and helped me with a lot of things.

Again a big warning: this site is hobby so don’t get your hopes up 😉

Well this is it on new years day. Let’s get this show on the road and make 2021 much (much much much!) better than 2020!

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