About me

Nico van Halen

Amateur model builder, miniature painter and AFOL!

Welcome! I am Nico van Halen and in my early years (<10 years old) i built a couple of small model kits with my dad. After being 20 years out of the hobby i came in contact with someone who was addicted to Warhammer. I didn’t fancy that yet so i came in contact again with model building. Then it went fast… I started with some model kits, expanding my collection and got my first Warhammer Start Collecting kit (Space Marines for those who are interested) but quickly went over from 40k to Age of Sigmar (Khorne Bloodbound) because of the playability and the wife also likes this game now.

And then there was Lego… that was even worse! I definitly got out of my dark years and now i got a nice collection of lego sets. On this site i will keep track of everything i build. From Lego, to modelbuilding and Warhammer.

My completed stash



and a plane!

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