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Announced: MFH 1/12 scale Fulldetail Kit : Alfa Romeo 155V6TI [DTM1993]

UPDATE #2: New images have been released by MFH. Check them out below!

UPDATE: It is the Alfa Romeo 155V6TI [DTM1993] in 1/12th scale and full detail!

With the Lancia team and their Delta withdrawing from rally activities in 1991, Fiat (Lancia’s parent company) had decided to focus on touring car racing instead. Using the street car “155” from another umbrella company, Alfa Romeo, as a base, they upgraded it to racing specs “155GTA” and entered it into the 1992 Italian Superturismo Championship where it would take championship.
In the following year of 1993, the team entered the “155V6TI” to join the then popular German Touring Car Championship (DTM). While the 155V6TI was developed using test feedback data from the 155GTA, very few of the parts from the 155GTA were reused, making the 155V6TI almost a brand new machine of its own. It was a full time 4WD car running on a 2.5L 60 degrees V6 engine and many of its body parts are carbon based.
Four 155V6TI’s were entered into DTM in 1993, with two cars entered by Alfa Corse driven by works drivers Nicola Larini and Alessandro Nannini. Larini won 10 races, and Nannini won 2, allowing for Larini to take drivers champion for the season.

Kit Details

  • a 1/12 scale model based on the two Alfa Corse entries for the 1993 DTM: Car #8 driven by N.Larini and car #7 driven by A.Nannini.
  • a full detailed, multi-material kit featuring white metal, resin, etching parts, turned parts and silk screen decals allowing for maximum representation of the original vehicle.
  • front and rear doors open, and front/rear bonnets can be removed, allowing for full view of detailed interior after completion.
  • aluminum turned parts used for wheel, wheel nut and wheel shaft. Wheels pre-anodized in black. Tires feature pre-printed logos.
  • Differences in steering wheel and shift stick designs between the two drivers have been faithfully created and both set of parts are included with kit.

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