“A semi-pejorative term for polystyrene plastic figurines and miniature model kits made for tabletop role-playing games and wargame simulations, particularly the popular Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 lines. The “crack” designation applies in that fans of these types of games seem “addicted” to them like a drug, and crave buying, assembling, and painting the models, spending large amounts of money and time in doing so, and anxiously await the latest, most finely-detailed releases.”  — Urban Dictionary


Plastic is an addiction!

Announced: New releases from Tamiya!

Tamiya released some more infromation about 2 new car kits comming up in the comming months!

First of: 1/24 Sports Car Series no.357 Lotus Super 7 Series II

This is an updated model of the 1/24 Lotus Super 7 Series II which is a lightweight sports masterpiece. ★Excellent quality is provided by photo-etched parts such as metal air funnels, front grille, radiator, seatbelt parts and more. ★The inline-4 engine has realistically recreated carburetor, exhaust pipe and transmission.

And second: 1/12 Big-Scale Racing Car Series no.57 Porsche 935 Martini

In 1976 the World Championship for Makes was to be contested by Group 5 cars such as the Porsche 935 Martini, which that year would bring the famed German manufacturer a glorious overall title. Group 5 was a silhouette formula with extensively modified production cars; the 935 Martini was based upon the 930 Turbo, and endowed with a 2,857cc horizontally opposed 6-cylinder rear engine which put out a magnificent 590hp thanks to liberal tuning and a turbocharger. Its suspension was also race-tuned. The 1976 season started off well for the Porsche Martini with a victory in the 6 Hours race at Mugello in March and continued in the same vein with a triumph in Vallelunga, and while a regulation-forced intercooler change led to a mid-season swoon, the team came back strongly to prevail in the final two races of the year and hold off rivals BMW in claiming a hard-earned Championship.

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