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Plastic is an addiction!

Finished: Heller Renault Vivastella 1/24

Got this one form my birthday. Not the greatest of builds but still fun!

It was at the 1926 Motor Show that the new six-cylinder Renault was seen for the first time.  This car could be considered as the forerunner of the range of six- and eight-cylinder models which were to be the Vivasix, the Primastella, the Nervastella and so on, as well, of course, as the Vivastella.

In the typical Renault tradition, this 15hp car had the technical characteristics which were traditional to the Billancourt firm.

It was a year later, at the 1927 Motor Show, that the name Vivastella was attributed to this car.  The following year, for the 1928 Show, the first Vivastella was shown.  Its mechanical characteristics were practically the same as those of the Vivasix, but a broad choice of bodyworks was offered, and they and the finish were particularly good.

The Vivastella was a beautiful car, and its success was immediate.

While the Vivasix only existed as a Torpedo, or as interior drives with 4 or 6 windows, the Vivastella–which was a luxurious and extremely well-finished car–had a great many possibilities: the torpedo body, inside drive, chauffeur coupe, cabriolet, roadster, coach, etc., and what’s more, on different chassis, long or short.

From 1935, production of the Vivastella died down to leave room for the Vivasport, which had a higher cubic capacity. 

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