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Announced: Re-issue Tamiya 12058 1/12 Martini Brabham BT44B with Photo Etched Parts

Rumour has it that the 1/12th scale Martini Brabham BT44B from Tamiya will be re-issued this month.

The originel 1/12 scale Martini Brabham BT44B with numer 12018 was released in 1975 and re-issued with Photo Etch parts in 2010. Rumours now come up that it will be re-issued again. Spotmodel already taking pre-orders with delivery dates at the end of july while Hiroboy is accepting pre-orders for delivery early august.

Update: Tamiya confirmed the re-issue of the Martini Brabham BT44B with a release date in july!

Link to the scalemates page

* date edit: spotmodel went from april to July, added Hiroboy to this post.

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