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The Old World: Grand Cathay is on the map!

Last week finally some more news from The Old World was shared with the world. Grand Cathay has been announced as a region on The Old World

Welcome to a very special reveal for Warhammer: The Old World! This time we’re taking a look at a region that has remained a big blank void ever since the very first maps of the world of Warhammer – the great empire that is Grand Cathay.

Below is the first ever map of the known world, published in the second edition of the game all the way back in the mid 80s

Grand Cathay is such a vast land that we have decided to focus – for now – on its north-western regions. So behold them, in all their glory! The Warhammer: The Old World team has been busy developing this area as part of our support for the guys at Creative Assembly for some time, so that games of Total War: Warhammer III set in this region feel every bit as rich and characterful as games set anywhere else in the world.

Want to know more or read more from the people from Games Workshop? Check out the article on the Warhammer Community website

What to come?

Who knows… just keep checking out this site and the page of Warhammer Community!

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