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Unboxing: Tamiya Ducati Desmosedici GP4 1/12 14101

Today i’m going to unbox the Tamiya Ducati Desmosedici GP4 in 1/12th scale.

Desmosedici is a compound word made from the Italian for sixteen, “sedici” and the name of Ducati’s trademark desmodromic valve design. The DOHC 16 V4 engine is composed of two 90 degree L twin components held together in a tubular steel truss-frame, with swing arm and rear shock pivots directly attached to engine in a truly original fashion. The sleek and powerful bike was piloted in its debut 2003 MotoGP season by L. Capirossi, former 125 and 250cc class title holder, and World Superbike Champion T. Bayliss. The GP4 really showed its stuff during its 2003 debut season, taking 3rd place at Suzuka and winning 1st at Catalunya. Maintaining the same basic structure in 2004, Ducati brushed up everything from the engine to the body to make an even higher performance superbike. While the Desmosedici GP4 had a difficult first half of the season, it began to show results towards the end, with L. Capirossi winning 3rd place in round 15. T. Bayliss also took 3rd in the final round, ending Ducati’s season on a high-note, and promising further excitement still to come!

The Tamiya Ducati Desmosedici GP4 comes in the usual Tamiya box with the finished model up front with some information about the model. The Box is the normal bike format. On the side of the box some more information about the bike with a clear view on the engine.

Let’s start the unboxing!

The first parts you see are the wheels, nuts and polycaps. Also included are the screwdriver and black hose for the brakes.

A red sprue contains the bodywork of the bike.

The engine is presented in a grey sprue including exhaust and front suspension parts.

The black sprue contains the wheels, brakes and the rest of the frame and bodyparts. Attached to the bag is a small bag with the clear parts.

Then you get to the decals.

The paperwork comes with some background information of the bike and of course the building instructions. These are typical Tamiya. Easy to read and clear instructions.

And with almost every bike kit from Tamiya… always get the front fork set which upgrades your kit with some more detail!

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