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Unboxing: Tamiya Mazda Roadster 1/24 24342

Today i’m going to unbox the Tamiya Mazda Roadster (also known as Mazda MX-5) in 1/24th scale with kitnumber 24342.

The Mazda Roadster (known as the MX-5 outside of Japan) has been a genre-redefining car since the release of the first generation in 1989. Fast forward to 2015 and the world was once again wowed by the latest release, the 4th Generation – a lightweight roadster embodying the Japanese company’s design concept of “kodo”: soul of motion. It features a svelte silhouette combined with punchy 1.5-liter engine (Japan spec) and extensive use of aluminum and ultra-high tensile strength plate; safety is a top priority with a full range of modern systems. Now, this masterpiece appears in beautifully detailed 1/24 scale.

  • This is a 1/24 scale plastic model assembly kit of the fourth-generation (ND) Mazda Roadster.
  • Length: 164mm, width: 80mm.
  • The model breathtakingly captures the car’s dynamic form, with its roof and side windows down.
  • Features detailed renditions of the suspension and interior. Mazda’s Powerplant Frame is depicted with separate parts.
  • Metal transfers recreate various emblems and side mirror surfaces.
  • Metal plated parts are used to depict head/taillight reflectors, interior air blowers, instrumentation, and shift base.
  • Can be assembled as left- or right-hand drive.
  • Includes decals to recreate details, with a choice of km and km/mph readouts for the speedo.
  • This model includes the first ever female driver figure in the 1/24 Sports Car Series!

The Tamiya Mazda Roadster comes in the smaller size car box. On the front you see the finished model and on the side you will find different sorts of information about the car.

Let’s start the unboxing!

The first part you see is the main body part. It is a very nice mold with no moldlines at all! No engine in this kit so the main body part includes a fixed hood.

The next sprues are small sprues containing clear and chrome parts. Very nice molds which we expect from a newer kit.

The white sprues contain the wheels, seats, suspension and exhaust. Also a white sprue is available which makes a female driver figure.

A small bag with wheels is next and a decal sheet with masking tape and some metal transfers for the mirrors and car logo’s.

The paperwork comes with some background information of the car and of course the building instructions. These are typical Tamiya. Easy to read and clear instructions.

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