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Unboxing: Tamiya Toyota Supra GR 1/24 24351

Today i’m going to unbox this beautiful kit of Tamiya! The Toyota Supgra GR in 1/24th scale was released last year.

Supra Trooper!
Upon its global announcement in January 2019, the TOYOTA GR Supra created a worldwide buzz. Designed with beautiful balance, it provides superlative handling and stable corners, while the sensuous long nose, short deck form has a striking double-bubble roof. Combined with impeccable power from a turbocharged inline-six or inline-four engine, the GR Supra is set to define the next generation of performance. Now is your chance to recreate this special car in excting Tamiya 1/24 scale!

  • This is a 1/24 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 183mm, width: 85mm, height: 54mm.
  • The dynamic lines of the body are rendered with stunning accuracy.
  • Two-part wheels utilize metal plated and black components.
  • Features a realistic depiction of the interior, with separate white parts for red sections.
  • Includes metal transfers, plus masking stickers for window areas.
  • Can be assembled as right- or left-hand drive.

The Tamiya Toyota Supgra GR comes in the usual Tamiya box with the finished model up front with some information about the model. On the side of the box are the two more representations of the car. You can build the US version, japanese version and the european version. When you go through the manual you can see the differences of these versions like the licenceplate holder and of course the position of the steeringwheel. You can build the left hand drive or the right hand drive version.

Let’s start the unboxing!

The first parts you see are the body parts, wheels and clear parts. The body is build by the main structure, front bumper, rear bumper and a separate wing/trunk part. These are the parts you are going to paint in the body color.

The first sprue contains some of the bottom structure parts, some internal parts, exhaust and the wing/trunk part.

The second sprue contains the mechanics of the suspension, main floor and the wheel hubs which go on the chrome plated wheels to complete the two tone rims.

The third sprue contains the internals like the dashboard, doorpanels and windscreen wipers.

Then there are some chrome plated parts like the mufflers and the rims.

And of course some clear parts!

Then you get to the decals. You get the decals and some metal plated decals for the mirrors and the Supra logo’s for the front and back of the car. In this kit you also get precut masking tape for the windows.

The paperwork comes with some background information of the car, some tech tips from tamiya itself and of course the building instructions. These are typical Tamiya. Easy to read and clear instructions.

First thoughts? Great kit to see and i can’t wait to build this one! It is on the bench right now to be built so i hope to show you all the end result soon!
The molding is perfect again, high details, lots of parts and reading the instructions well put together!

Got any questions about the kit or want more pictures? Just leave a comment below!

To finish of some pictures of the finished kit from Tamiya!

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