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Unboxing: Top Studio Red Bull RB6 Super Detail-Up Set MD29014

With the unboxing of the Tamiya Red Bull RB6 i also took the time to unbox the Top Studio Super Detail Kit which is available for this kit. The Top Studio Red Bull RB6 Super Detail-Up Set is made for the following Tamiya kit: 20067.

Top Studio is a brand which makes detail up kit for different models. Several kits are available. You can view tham al on there website: Top Studio website. Al parts are made out of Resin and photoetch. Photoetch is a metal sheet which you need to bend, glue and paint (or even solder if you dare) and put this on models like the Tamiya Red Bull RB6 as additional parts or as a replacement from a standard part. In the kit i am going to unbox you have additional parts and replacement parts. Let’s just dive in!

The detail up kit comes in a small black and white box with a sticker on it for what kit this one is. When you open it you wille see a small box and some protective faom.

Let’s start with the small black box first. When you open this box you will see a couple of bags of resin. The first part i noticed is the fine detail and great casting of these resin parts!

When you unpack the bags you will find resin parts for the suspension, brakes, engine, small connectors for hosing and wireing, radiator parts and cockpit parts. Alle parts are great in detail, crisp casting and ready to be used on your model!

The other side of the box is filled with more resin, photoetch, wires and more metal parts. Again, the resin is of very high quality and a lot of wires are in this bag! A LOT! Next to that you get again A LOT of photoetch for all sorts of parts like the engine, front of the monocoque, radiator parts, brakes, steeringwheel etc. The amount of parts is huge for such a small package. This will add a lot of detail to the model. If you want to see al this detail you need to show the car without the rear cowling and the wheels. At the end i have a photogallery of the parts on the car so you can see what i mean.

Then at last you will get the manual which is very clear and crisp. Everything you need to know is there.

If you want even more detail you can build it yourself. There is a workshop manual of the Red Bull RB6. You can’t buy it new anymore so you need to try second hand! This book gives you a lot of information about the car including high detail photographs!

I am not going to build thid kit any time shortly (i’m scared…) so here are some photo’s of the kit when it is built, but not painted:

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