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Unboxing: Top Studio Yamaha 2009 YZR-M1 Super Detail-Up Set MD29012

With the unboxing of the Tamiya Yamaha YZR-M1 ’09 Fiat Yamaha Team i also took the time to unbox the Top Studio Super Detail Kit which is available for this kit. The Top Studio Yamaha 2009 YZR-M1 Super Detail-Up Set is made for the following Tamiya kits: 14117 and 14120.

Top Studio is a brand which makes detail up kit for different models. Several kits are available. You can view tham al on there website: Top Studio website. Al parts are made out of Resin and photoetch. Photoetch is a metal sheet which you need to bend, glue and paint (or even solder if you dare) and put this on models like the Tamiya Yamaha YZR-M1 as additional parts or as a replacement from a standard part. In the kit i am going to unbox you have additional parts and replacement parts. Let’s just dive in!

The detail up kit comes in a small black box with a sticker on it for what kit this one is. When you open it the first resin parts are visible after removing some protective foam.

First you see some small bags with resin parts. These resin parts are brittle and finely detailed! These parts are all sorts of details like screws, rivets, parts for the pipelines, seating etc. These parts are very small so be carefull when you are considering buying this!

The instructions come next. Very detailed, crisp and a lot! Every detail will be shown how to build all the parts, replace parts and make them fit, by cutting in de standard kit parts sometimes.

Then the hoses and al the wiring is next. Also this is a lot of wireing! Flipping trough the pages of the manual i already saw you use these wires a lot. Not really a surprise because wires gives this kit the most of the detail it needs.

Next a small bag with rods, rivets, springs and screws. Not very special, but small again adding a lot of detail to the original kit. Also a complete new exhaust in metal in this bag. This one replaces the original one which you have to cut of.

Then the photoetch sheets. You get 3 sheets of photoetch material. This adds more detail tot the radiator, engine, bodyparts and brakes. Fine but awesome details.

I am not going to build thid kit any time shortly (i’m scared…) so here are some photo’s of the kit when it is built, but not painted:

Got really interested? Here is the manual to see what this kit is al about!

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